I see them rollin’, I’m vapin’…

The nice thing about the Vapir One is that it’s great for hitting in the car on trips, which prevents the car from reeking of weed if you get pulled over (Bluelight forum user)

Sound familiar? Of course, Chamillionaire’s 2005 ACAB anthem is much more concerned with racial profiling, while our guy from Bluelight above doesn’t seem too bothered by police corruption and brutality. However, he definitely is interested in riding dirty without getting caught. While I wouldn’t advocate driving under the influence of psychoactive substances, harm is minimised when smoking weed at home. And for a small number of potheads, vaping their drug of choice in an e-cigarette is becoming increasingly popular. But why stick your bud in a vape pen?

The sweet smell of microwave popcorn

The one I have is a magic flight box (or something along that name) and it smells almost exactly like popcorn. Perfect for a movie theatre and I’ve literally taken hits in bathrooms no problem. (Drugs-Forum user)

It’s every adolescent’s nightmare – how the fuck do I enter the house without stinking of skunk? When I was a teenager, the answer invariably seemed to involve coating yourself with a defensive shield of Lynx. However, for a far more effective solution, try e-cigarettes! Vaping weed is by no means odorless. As our man from Drugs-Forum points out above, it still maintains a smell, although this scent is far more innocuous. Plus, we can probably all agree that smelling like popcorn is at least a bit nicer than smelling like a perfumed mash-up of smokey trees.

I may be paranoid, but not a vaper

I’ve noticed that the high from vaporizing herb is more cerebral, less couch lock, almost no paranoia or confusion/panic, and it’s way more psychedelic than smoking herb is. It’s sort of like eating lots of herb but without the total mindfuck and passing out. (Bluelight forum user)

For the amateur stoner, the word cannabinoid probably just looks some strange abomination, a weird mis-spelling bashed out at 2am after one too many spliffs. What it actually refers to are the different constituents in the cannabis plant….of which there are many. To save your sanity and attention, I’ll only go through two of these: THC and CBD. THC is what gets you high, CBD is what makes you mellow. THC can also turn you into a shifting-looking motherfucker who thinks all of their friends are laughing at them, while CBD actually counteracts anxiety and paranoia. THC is initially released at a temperature of 315F/157C , whereas CBD is activated later at 356F/180C. So why is this important? When you light up a fatty, you end up combusting your plant at something like 800F/426C, meaning that all those cannabinoids go up together in flames. By vaporising, you can specifically release THC and CBD and enjoy a much purer high. And as the Bluelight forum user above says, this can be mean a much less high-strung, sketched out high.

Vape away for a rainy day

Vaping seems to use much less weed than smoking – though I typically load larger bowls, they last much, much longer. I am continually surprised that I just managed to get high again from smoking that same old bowl that I have already used 3 or more times. (Bluelight forum user)

The other advantage to vaporising your herb at THC and CBD specific temperatures is that it’s a more efficient form of consumption. Fire is a bit impatient and burns through your bud like a bitch. On the other hand, you can vape at your own pace. Likewise, the lower temperatures involved, plus higher purity of product, mean that you can use less weed for the same (or better) high. And by taking tobacco, Rizla and endless lost lighters out of the equation, you save a shitload of money elsewhere.

Is that a vape pen in your pocket?

To top it all off, the act of vaporising is significantly safer than that of combustion, as burning your leaf releases some of the nastier toxins – it’s generally not advisable to inhale smoke. At the moment, cannabis vaping in e-cigarettes appears fairly niche. Nonetheless, there is a growing online community of this subculture of plant connoisseurs. Without a doubt, the majority of e-cigarette users are vaping nicotine and not using them to covertly bun draw. Most of the reports that I’ve come across also originate in the US, where marijuana is now available for medicinal purposes in 23 states, decriminalised in 14 states and legal for recreational use in five states. And now that Chamillionaire has moved to LA, he might just be able to get his ‘green’ card and get away with ridin’ dirty…


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